Random notes and thoughts following what was for many a long holiday weekend.

Brick Memorial Day parade (Facebook via Township of Brick)

Some people appear to be offended by the words “Happy Memorial Day Weekend” but it is by no means any disrespect to those who served in the military and especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Simply put this is the unofficial start to summer and it’s more someone saying “Happy Summer” than anything else. As always Memorial Day itself featured many observations around the shore area as local towns paid tribute to the meaning of the day itself.

Of course many were curious as to what this weekend would bring in terms of business to the storm-ravaged Jersey Shore and I would guess if you were looking for a grade “incomplete” would what would show up on the report card.

Horrible weather at the start of the weekend had to keep visitors away although clearly there was a rally on Sunday and Monday when the sun finally shined. Memorial Day weekend is for many merchants the best of the entire season although that hopefully won’t be the case this summer as the wish is warmer weather will send many flocking to Ocean and Monmouth Counties in the months ahead.

Lineup of media trucks in Asbury Park (Bud McCommick)

We made our first trip to the North Avenue beach in Seaside Park yesterday and while it was a bit cool it was just nice to relax for a few hours with our toes buried in the sand. Honestly 7 months ago I didn’t know if there would be a beach to enjoy so I’m looking forward to a good, if very different, summer.

Any Republican or Democrat who is offended by the cordial relationship between Governor Christie and President Obama is clearly more concerned with their party than what’s best for New Jersey or the country itself. To me the way the two have worked together regarding post-Sandy recovery is what most of us want from our leaders and rarely get.

Can things get any worse for Rutgers University and how can anyone have confidence in President Robert Barchi? While it’s been made clear his number one mission is the merger with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Barchi’s lack of leadership has turned the athletic department into a national disgrace. Current students and alumni have the right to expect and demand better.

Saw “Hangover 3” over the weekend and while it provides some laughs they should have stopped after the original.