I love my naps.  I know it's time wasted and but I'm so lucky I can catch about an hour of snuggling under my covers in the afternoon.Recently there's been studies that say maybe it's not so healthy to take naps, but now study after studies show that naps are healthy!  Naps boost attention, focus and productivity.  Naps help relieve anxiety and boost your problem-solving skills!  This is so exciting for me.

So, if anyone ever says to you...because I hear it all the time..."Are you taking your silly little nap?"  I say, "I'm boosting my mind"!  And I'm trying to focus!

So snuggle up with your cats, dogs or if you're lucky in the afternoon with a loved one...and sleep away!  Enjoy your naps!

Do you like to nap?

The whole family loves to nap!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media