In tough economic times many people are content just to have a job but at the same time are not really happy which can make for a less than great atmosphere in the office.  

Kevin's "nest" with sports items and other personal items on the wall (Brad Burascano, Townsquare Media NJ)

However there are things that can be done to make things better for you and those you work with.  Here are some tips I came across for thriving and not just surviving in the workplace:





  1. KEEP PERSONAL PROBLEMS PERSONAL:  When you are preoccupied with personal issues, it’s difficult to concentrate or be happy at work.  Leave those problems home so you can focus and be productive at work.  (Truly easier said than done).
  2. CREATE AN OFFICE NEST:    Since you spend about 8 hours at your job(or much longer) make your space your own and make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in your office.
  3. DEVELOP AN OFFICE SUPPORT SYSTEM:   Try and find a group of colleagues with similar backgrounds, interests and lifestyles.  (As for the others….well at least be nice).
  4. EAT HEALTHY AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER:  This will help both your energy and attitude.  Friday is bagel day here which is probably not a good thing but what the heck.
  5. BE ORGANIZED:  Create a manageable schedule to handle your workload…be proactive and take control.   (oh how I wish).
  6. MOVE AROUND:  Especially if you tend to sit a lot on the job.  Try and find some time to get up and move a little as it’s important to your overall sense of health and happiness.
  7. DON’T TRY TO CHANGE YOUR CO-WORKERS:  Don’t let other people’s actions affect you and just figure out a way to resolve conflicts and avoid uncomfortable situations.
  8. TAKE A BREATHER:  Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides.  Inhale deeply, then exhale laughter and bend forward ten times. (This one sounds kind of dumb).
  9. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE:  Identify the things you like at work and stress them and not the negative ones which may cause you to be overwhelmed.
  10. TRY AND BRING YOUR FRIDAY ATTITUDE INTO WORK ON A MONDAY: Easy to say on a Friday, especially if it’s a pay day.