At first glance, that picture just looks like a curb with a little bit of snow, gravel, and some random litter. But I did a double take when I realized what I was actually looking at.

If you look closely, you can see that the random litter is actually a bundle of tape from the inside of an old school cassette. Right in the center of the picture, you can also see the white plastic reel that the tape used to be wound around.

It made me realize that when I was a kid and used to walk to school, that was something that I'd see every now and then along with the usual roadside litter, but I probably haven't seen the tape from the inside of a cassette on the ground in at least 20 years.

Because honestly, when was the last time that you actually saw a cassette tape?

It made me think of things that we just don't see anymore these days.

So besides the cassette tape, what are some other things that we don't see anymore? Comment below with some that you can think of!