So I was listening to a program online and the subject of the podcast was "things we used to do". So I've decided to think about things we used to do here at the Jersey Shore, which may be applicable to anywhere really. These are events that used to be a part of our life, but now have evolved over time .... maybe you can add or extend our list.

Things we used to do:

  • Look for a pay phone to make a call
  • Stand in line at the bank
  • Go to the video store
  • Spend all day at the inspection station
  • Visit a music store to buy records!
  • Going to Burger Chef and Bonanza
  • Collecting Wacky Packages
  • Baseball Cards!
  • Go to arcade to play video games
  • Buy a calendar
  • Kids Playing Outside

Do you agree ? Do You have any additions to that list ?