A true source of inspiration for this segment over the years has been “Men’s Health” as I’ve quoted content from the magazine and/or added my own spin on something I read.  In the latest issue they offer a list of things men should not do after 30.  As is often the case I used some of theirs and some of mine:

  • AVOID THE DOCTOR- “It’s just indigestion” are famous last words….often followed by friends at the funeral saying, “Wait, he was how old?”
  • THINK “I HATE MY JOB, BUT”…- I remember going to my 10-year high school reunion and someone telling me they hated their job but it had a decent pension plan after 30 years. Life is short and the job you hate today will be even worse a decade later.
  • ARGUE ON SOCIAL MEDIA- Especially during an election year. Nobody needs a lecture because they don’t share your political or moral convictions.  Plus the truth is you’re not going to change anyone’s opinions.
  • DRESS LIKE A SLOB- What was acceptable when you were in college is not acceptable 20 or even 10 years later. Plus either learn to iron or take your clothes to a dry cleaner because the wrinkled look is out.
  • WEAR YOUR HAT BACKWARDS- Unless your name is Ken Griffey Jr. you will get to an age (say 40) where it just does not look right. There are exceptions to the rule but they are few and far between.
  • WEAR A PRO TEAM JERSEY WITH YOUR NAME ON IT- I actually stopped wearing any jerseys with names of them after 30 but I guess it’s okay to show your passion for team and player. However wearing a Giants or Mets jersey with YOUR name on it is totally unacceptable and geeky.
  • SPEND A LOT OF TIME PLAYING VIDEO GAMES- It’s one thing to kill a few minutes playing a game on your smart phone but it’s another to spend a day in front of the computer capturing bad guys from another country. As for Pokémon Go….it should be illegal to play after 30.