Though I am not athletic in any way, and I generally don't spend time watching sports, there's something about the Olympics that I love.  There are actually many things that I love.  Here is a random sampling, in no particular order.

  • Seeing the fierce determination on the athletes' faces.
  • Watching them congratulate each other.
  • Getting the chills as the Star Spangled Banner is played, making the medalist(s) smile, and or cry tears of joy.
  • I love how at a time when the world seems so divided; we can watch competitors and so-called enemies hug and laugh at the end of an event.  I know others have expressed a similar sentiment.  I think the Olympics are good us.  All of us.
  • I like seeing the athletes who are now in the broadcast booth.  Nastia Liukin has been doing a nice job talking about gymnastics.
  • On a personal note, seeing all those fit, toned bodies has motivated me to work out this week!  What discipline they must have to work their bodies so hard, even on days when they don't want to.
  • The profiles of the athletes are inspiring.  Every two years we hear stories of triumph over adversity.  We learn of the champs who, at an early age, set their sights on winning .  We hear about the late bloomers who prove it's never too late to make a dream come true.

What have you enjoyed most about the Olympics in Rio?