I really do enjoy traveling. I love the opportunity to see interesting places far away from home and have unique and fun experiences. But there's still nothing like coming home.

As a refresher, here's what my travel itinerary was like the last few weeks:

Europe for 7 days (+6 hour time change)

Home for two days (Eastern Time)

Los Angeles for literally about 38 hours (-3 hour time change)

Back to work after landing from LA at 7pm the evening before

The "home for two days" part actually may have been a good thing. They were not easy days dealing with the European time change, but at least I had those two days to nap when I needed to and deal with the exhaustion without having to work. Heading to the West Coast may have even helped with the 3 hour difference on the other side.

I was somewhere between time zones mentally when I got home last night and I was so exhausted that I went to bed on the earlier side and slept like a corpse.

I'm still a bit worn out, but nothing like when I first got back to the US from Europe.

Like I said, I really enjoy traveling, but there's still nothing like coming home after a long trip!