Suffice to say, this winter has been pretty weird as far as weather goes.

It's been brutally cold. We've had some pretty nasty snow storms. And then today, it was in the 60s.


That's right, following weeks of freezing and below freezing days, winter storms that left up to a foot of snow in some areas, today it felt more like a night out at a Blueclaws game than the middle of winter.

On top of the mild temperatures, we had more signature warm weather events in Ocean County - severe thunderstorm warnings and even a tornado watch.

The actual thunderstorm blew through pretty quickly, around 2:45pm in Toms River. But, man, did it blow through - the downpour seemed to start out of nowhere, intense lightning and loud thunder, even some hail bounced off the ground.

And then it was gone. It only lasted for about 10 minutes.

I'm no expert either scientifically or politically, but I have to wonder if there really is something to this whole climate change debate after the wacky winter weather we've had so far.