I’ve never bought in to the proverb, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I mean does anyone really believe that cooking for a guy is a good way to win his affections because I certainly don’t.

In the current issue of Men’s Health you will find a better gauge of what makes our hearts thump. According to the numbers:


• 69% of men say their first crush was on a classmate

• 25% of them admit they pulled her hair to get her attention

• 50% suffered through their puppy love in silence

• 90% of men tend to fall for their female friends and nearly 30% of them took those friendships to the next level. Unfortunately 7% say their advances were

rejected which ended the friendship all together.

• 3 in every 4 men admit they have friended a former crush on Facebook

• 26% of guys working in an office environment have fallen for a company intern while nearly 20% said they became obsessed with their boss…I assume that’s a female boss.

• I in every 6 men surveyed said even though they are currently in a relationship they have a crush on someone else.

What are the qualities that are likely to spark the average guy’s infatuation?….the first two are rather shallow but probably the truth…..pretty face and nice body followed by great sense of humor. As for the biggest guy crushes we men choose Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper.

By the way the average guy carries a torch for one month before giving up and almost one in five will carry that torch to their grave.

I also read something in Men’s Health that confirmed what I have believed for years. When a woman says “I’m fine” what she really means is I’m totally not fine and if you paid attention to that change in my voice you would know something is up and address it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.