The clock is ticking for passage of Governor Chris Christie's tax cut plan. At his town hall meeting on Long Beach Island on Tuesday, Christie said the Democrat-controlled legislature has 60 days to pass his proposal. The current legislative session ends June 30.

A panoramic view of the town hall crowd in Long Beach Township on Tuesday. (Townsquare Media)

It was three weeks ago the Governor revived his plan, which offers eligible homeowners an income tax credit worth 10 percent of their property taxes over four years. The plan did not receive a warm welcome by Trenton Democrats who refer to it as a shell game and unsustainable.

"Let's give these jokers 60 days," Christie told an overflow crowd. "Let's give them 60 days to show their true colors."

Governor Chris Christie listens to a question during his 107th Town Hall on Long Beach Island. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Christie insisted Democrats never wanted a tax cut in the first place, and that would be proven if they fail to advance his proposal. The tax cut plan is similar to the one offered by Democrats last year, and it includes a provision that permits lawmakers to stop the tax cut at any time if the state can't afford it, a major concern among the opposition.

"There's nothing left for me to compromise on," Christie added, asking the crowd to be optimists with him for the next two months and count on a tax cut.

The cut will be a pillar of Christie's re-election campaign, he said, if it's not approved before the end of June.

Earlier this week, Assembly Democratic Leader Lou Greenwald said Democrats have already passed a bill that gives more tax relief to more people, but it's dead because Republicans won't support a millionaires' tax increase. Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski called Christie's plan a sham and a cynical ploy.

Townsquare Media's Kevin McArdle contributed to this report.