It's pretty amazing how technology is evolving to give us unprecedented entertainment experiences. From HDTVs being pretty much standard now, to the latest, crystal clear movie theater projection systems. But you might be surprised where you'll find the latest, state of the art, eye popping digital technology.

I spent a few days of my vacation this week in Atlantic City. I go with friends every now and again, but it's usually to eat or for a show. This time, though, I stayed for a few days and hit a few of the casino floors.

I was stunned with what I saw.

Revel Casino in particular is chock full of the absolute highest, cutting edge technology.

The slot machines in particular were jaw dropping, with 3D screens over top of traditional mechanical reels, the symbols quite literally pop out at you, and you can interact with the screens as well.

The technology is called a Transmissive Screen Display, and it's the latest and greatest method of getting you to drop your money into a one-armed bandits (which, for sentimentality sake I suppose, still have the old fashioned pull-arms on them).

I have to admit - it works. The flashing screens, bells and whistles, animated sequences, interactive bonus games and dancing displays are very enticing.

I was amazed, though (but not surprised after I stopped to think about it), that if you want to see the latest in audio visual technology, a casino floor is the place to go.

Have you played any of the new fangled flashy slot machines? Tell us about it in the comments!