We've heard some wonderful stories about neighbors helping neighbors. 

This dangerous horrific storm brought heavy winds and lots of flooding and my heart goes out to everyone.  I hope and pray everyone in your family is safe.  Throughout these couple of days and  hours of "Sandy" we have heard nothing but great stories about neighbors helping out neighbors.  Those people that we say "Hi" to when we see them carrying in groceries or across the street.  But it's these people, our neighbors, who really help out.  This is the time we really need to help each other out.  And I want to thank you for being great "neighbors" in our community.  We here at the Jersey Shore will rebuild and we will be ok, and just maybe you found a friend right next to you.

The pride in this State is amazing.  We will be ok.  You will be ok.

If you are out of power JCP& L wants to hear from you--1-888-544-4877