It's amazing as my Daughters Senior Year in High School continues .....

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

So don't get me wrong I am very excited for my Daughter to finish High School , I stll feel a sense of wanting to slooooow things down! It's going fast and I wanna make sure , as we did with our Son, we take advantage of everything we can before they move on to the next chapter.  Seems like just yesterday I was watching cartoons with them after school!

This Weekend we took her on another "College Road Trip" although not that far a trip, a trip to look at a College non-the-less . This time we visited the beautiful campus at Georgian Court University. Great time and what a nice part of our "Jersey Shore" community. Really enjoy being back in the "college" atmosphere. I will admit it is a bit scary thinking how my kids are going through this phase of live, with not knowing exactly where this journey will take them.

Are any of you High School Senior Parents feeling it alil already  ?

I think besides the visits to Colleges .... It was her "Graduation" Picture, Cap & Gown ... now hanging in the family room , that made me feel it this past week. I'll probably post a few blogs as we make our way through the school year. Everyone is extremely busy these days , but try to take a moment here and there to be a part of your children's schools' it sure makes a difference . Good luck to all our Seniors and Parents as we get close to the midway point of their final year ....Lets hope they all find success and happiness :)