After countless friends telling me I should get Netflix, I finally created an account.  The reason?  I want to see a movie that will be available on Netflix on Friday.  "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” is a documentary about the man who has helped improve the lives of millions of people all around the world.

People I know who saw an advance screening say it’s an interesting look at a guy who truly went from rags to riches helping people reach their full potential.

I attended Robbins' 4 day seminar "Unleash The Power Within" about 3 years ago in New Jersey and it was awesome.  It’s a bit hard to describe, really.  Imagine sitting at a self-development workshop.  Imagine listening to a motivational speaker.  Imagine jumping up and down at a nightclub or rock concert.  Imagine making connections with nice people from all over the world.  Combine all those images together and that sort of explains what UPW is like.

Robbins has a way of getting people to imagine things better than they are.  Do you want a better job?  A more intimate relationship?  Less anxiety?   Robbins explains how taking action is necessary to make positive change.  He believes even small steps can help us achieve our goals.

I'm interested to see how Robbins' 6 day workshop called "Date With Destiny" gets highlighted in the film which has a running time of about two hours.

Have you ever attended a Tony Robbins workshop or read any of his books?  Have they helped you?