The front-runner in the Democratic primary U.S. Senate race has started touring the Garden State.


On Wednesday, Newark Mayor Cory Booker made several stops in South Jersey.

"The problems of Newark are just like the problems of South Jersey - you've got violent crime, you've got poverty, you've got a need for good paying jobs. We need to continue to advance our state through some of the most challenging economic times," said Booker during a stop in Deptford Township.

He told supporters his run for U.S. Senate isn't just about winning an election, it's about making a change for people, it's about progress, it's about opportunity, and it's about equality.

"We faces many challenges here in New Jersey, including crumbling infrastructure, poor people getting poorer, even though they work full-time jobs, and violent crime ripping through cities from Atlantic City to Hackensack," said Booker. "But if we stand together we can make change."

He vowed to travel around the Garden State this summer, to work to get every vote possible.

Booker also said his campaign is building up a very sophisticated voter identification system - similar to what Barack Obama used, and while he believes it's wasteful to have a special U.S. Senate election three weeks before the general election in November, the Governor has made a choice and "we're going to follow it."

Booker offered a response when asked about his stature as a celebrity.

"New Jersey voters see lots of celebrities. My parents always taught me that significance is always more important than celebrity- purpose is more important than popularity. New Jersey voters understand that - they're going to want to put the person down in Washington who can best serve New Jersey's needs."

"I have an obligation as a candidate to earn every single vote."