We have become an increasingly lazy society which explains the popularity of drive thru lanes at everything from banks to fast food restaurants. 


Don’t get me wrong I’m as much a fan of these as anyone else because they often save time and it’s better to sit in your car listening to WOBM then stand in a line.  However I’m become increasingly impatient with both the customer and let’s call them the server for what I view as flagrant offenses of the spirit of the drive thru.

Let’s start with a recent incident I had at my local bank.  I pull up to the drive thru for the purpose of making a deposit and there’s only one car in front of me so I expect to be on my way in a matter of minutes.

I was right but ten minutes is a long time while sitting in your car waiting.  The customer ahead of me needed a deposit slip and seemed to take forever to fill it out.  Turns out they were banking for a relative in the passenger seat and back and forth went the pneumatic tube because ID was needed and the person was depositing to both a checking and savings account.

I was starting to bang my steering wheel when the teller then informed the customer that the check would take several days to clear her account.  This did not please said customer and the two engaged in a brief conversation at which point I was starting to sweat and it was 20 degrees outside.

Why at this point was the customer not told to come inside because by now there were 4 more cars behind me?  Finally they were done and I was able to complete my business in about two minutes.

Flash forward to a day later when I pull up to a drive thru ATM during banking hours.  The guy in front of me is trying to deposit a check and it keeps coming back and he keeps trying again.  He’s getting frustrated and spewing obscene language and I make the mistake of telling him to go inside and resolve the matter.

He is not pleased and tells me where to go. Eventually he races off.

The good news is I’m close to a Dunkin Donuts and need a cup of coffee.  In front of me is a car with four teen-agers who are scanning the menu and spending far too much time on the merits of a Frozen Mocha drink or Iced Latte as opposed to a Dunkaccino.

They finally place their order and decide they want donuts and start asking about flavors.  By this point I’m ready to buy them a dozen assorted because frankly I’m on the verge of a drive thru meltdown.  I just want a cup of coffee…is that too much to ask?

Apparently on this day it was because realizing how long I would have to wait while their drinks were made I pull out of line and decide to go inside where a group of children and adults are placing an order with the only server.  I make the first good move of the day and go home.