I debated long and hard about what to use as a "featured image" for this post. There are dozens of images that can describe the pain and destruction that we here in Ocean County are experiencing.

There is the now famous picture of the Casino Pier rollercoaster sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, there are the terrible fires burning in Mantoloking, and there are the images of boats literally floating down Fischer Blvd.  

I went with the image above because I feel like it says a lot in a very simple, stark way - Ocean County is left broken. Many of our towns have literally and figuratively collapsed from the destruction that Sandy has wrought.

While the nation's eyes focus on the Jersey shore and New York City, it's almost surreal for us to realize that these images are in our own backyard.

While we take this time to collectively catch our breaths and assess our situations, one thing is sure - Ocean County will be back. We will rebuild and we will once again be the destination that we are known to be.