There are definitely some towns in New Jersey with unusual names. In fact, we went into the whole history and meaning of Toms River not too long ago. But what about those towns that might make you blush?

And we're not the only state with towns that will make you do a double take when you roll past the "Welcome To..." sign.

In a recent article by the Estately Blog, they picked the "Most Lewd-Sounding Town Names in Each State".

And there are definitely some that you'd think twice about saying in front of Grandma!

How about Climax, North Carolina?

Or maybe Kiester, Minnesota?

And of course there's the one that stands above the rest as the most blatantly naughty - Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

But let's get back to Jersey. What did the survey pick as the dirtiest sounding place in the Garden State?

One of our very own shore-area communities! The good old Ramtown section of Howell!

What about the other 46 states? You can click here for the full map. But a warning, if you're easily offended you may just want to take our word on the fact that there are some real doozys out there!


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