So I talked about this on the radio yesterday about how my 13 year old dog T.  T is a superstar, I have a blog about her..The "T" Blog.  She hasn't been able to wag her tail for 3 days now.

It's so sad when your dog doesn't feel well.  Both of my girls look at me with their sad eyes and I just know something is wrong.  T has been in pain for a couple days now, but I was worried it was something other than the tail.  But yesterday I was at the Vet and he told me that definitely it is the tail.  My little puppy, Taffy is biting T's tail and when they were playing somehow the tail got caught up in something.  So basically it's a sprain of the tail.  It's crazy though this girl always wags her tail, I've missed it these last couple of days.  Finally last night, it's not wagging yet, but she was able to put the tail straight out instead of hanging down and to the left.

See, she's guilty...maybe a cutie pie...but she's definitely a little devil biter!  Caught in the act!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media