A little of this and a little of that after what was a long holiday weekend for many.

Of course for some the long was three days off where they could relax, enjoy the beach and barbeques and other fun stuff.  For many though this was a long weekend of work, especially those in beach areas along the Jersey Shore.  The weather made it feel like the middle of summer and despite some brief showers Sunday you could not ask for much more than what the holiday weekend brought.

I was among many who hit the beach in Seaside Park for the first time on Saturday….I know it was many because our pale skin gave us away.  After a couple of hours I had enough as pale had turned red in some places.  Took Sunday off but was back yesterday for a couple of hours early in the day before it got real hot.  A mostly west wind kept the water pretty cold but a lot of people ventured in, especially young kids who can handle the 60 degree temperatures easier than I can.

What I always like about that first weekend on the beach is you see people you have not since last summer.  You might not even know their names but you recognize them as beach regulars and you sort of nod an acknowledgment like, “good to see you again.”

Count me as a disappointed Rangers fan who is rooting for the Devils to win the Stanley Cup.  First you have to give the Devils credit for the way they operate their franchise and always seem to be a contender.  Second they are one of only two major professional teams who proudly call themselves “New Jersey”...wait a second that’s the only team as the other has bolted for Brookyln.   Third, unlike the Flyers…I don’t hate the Devils and why would I root for Los Angeles.  So while I won’t be cheering and on the edge of my seat I hope the Devils prevail.

Congrats to Anthony Schifilliti on the opening of his second Ninos Coal Fired Pizza in the Pavilion Shopping Center on Brick Boulevard in Brick.  The new restaurant has the same menu as the original location on Route 9 and Cox Cro Road in Toms River which has become very popular since opening a few years ago.  The second Nino’s features a bright, open and casual atmosphere and like the original is a BYOB.