Going to take a few days off during which time it looks like we will have an official heat wave.  No special plans during my time off with the exception of Monday when my wife and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.

Actually if you ask Jane she would tell you the word “celebrate” is not really appropriate.Its more like she has tolerated me for 35 years.

While I’m not sure of the exact date I know sometime next week will also mark my 37th anniversary at WOBM and clearly there will be no celebration because frankly who celebrates a 37 year work anniversary.  I do find it amazing that in July of 1979 I came to work at our old office and studios in Bayville for the very first time.

I was hired as the station’s first full-time Sports Director and my job was to do morning and afternoon sports reports as well as one overnight shift in the newsroom which thankfully did not last long.  I had no complaints over my $175 weekly salary because I did not expect to be here long. After all the plan was to climb the ladder which would eventually take me to New York or Philadelphia or this new cable channel ESPN.

Like the relative who comes for a visit and never leaves I called Bayville home for well over 30 years until our move to what we refer to as the Townsquare Tower in downtown Toms River.  I have worked for four different companies and under numerous general managers and more importantly have worked with hundreds of people, some who are more than just co-workers. Others were very forgettable.

I started as the youngest person in the building and am now basically the oldest and have seen changes that were unimaginable nearly four decades ago.

I remember some years back when we were first transitioning to computers. I was the last person who had an electric typewriter and I insisted that learning to use a computer was not necessary because I would be ready to retire before it was required.  Just another in a long line of mistakes made over 37 years.