As we get ready for 2012, People Magazine put out the hot trends of 2011.  Every year there are those trends that I love and not love so much.  Are you a  part of the Hot Trends of 2011?

The Hot Trends of 2011:

Cake Pops...Dessert on a stick...If you know me at all you know I'm all over these!  Love them!

Buckyballs...sort of like the stress balls....They are shapeshifting magnetic balls while you're sitting at your desk . (I've heard they're very addicting--I've never tried them)

Colored Denim....Ok so I'm chubby...and they're probably not the best for my body type, but I think they're very cool.

Words with Friends...the scrabble-like game that is so addictive....I love this one, too!

Feather Hair Clips....It's the year's big accessory.  And if you have a 5 year old in your life, you know that.  My 5 year old loves these things.  They're huge in my house!

Zumba....The sexy latin dance fitness craze that I still can't do but I love watching and going to class.  It's an amazing work out.  If you haven't tried it yet, I promise it will be an experience for you!  I think you'll love this one!

A couple of others that made the list.....Animal Sweaters, Nail Stickers, The Dukan Diet (never tried it...if you do it or did it, I'd love to know about it) and Missoni for Target stores

What trends were you into this year?  What were your kids / grandkinds into this year?

What did you love in 2011?