Christmas is over. Can you believe it? I can't. It seems like we were just stuffing our faces with turkey on Thanksgiving, running to the shops Black Friday and taking out the dusty Santa Claus from storage. Yes, it’s true though. Xmas 2011 is now just a memory.

After taking a few days off before the holiday, I am back in the anchor chair this morning. While it's good to be back, it's always difficult to get up at 3 a.m., especially when the temperature outside is in the 20's and your snug in the upper 60s under the covers. During my morning commute, I noticed plenty of Christmas decorations around town - trees, lights, Santa and Frosty. I couldn't help feeling a little down that it's over. Such a buildup. All that prep. All that food. All of that cheer and cozy atmosphere. And now, POOF - over!

I for one would have enjoyed another week of holiday movies, music and eats. Being with family is always a great time and my wife prepared quite a Christmas Eve feast. Her beef wellington was a success and I had trouble fitting into my clothes this morning after suffering a six-day food coma.

Did you overindulge? Yeah, I did. While we still have New Years Eve to look forward to, are you feeling down that the holidays are over?

As I headed to the station this morning, I also remembered the snow storm one year ago today that crippled our area. I was snowed in and had to improvise to get the news on the air. Time has flown so fast. It feels like yesterday. I'm very grateful to Mother Nature that she's been sparing us this season thus far. Temperatures today will be in the 50s. I'll take it.

As I was reminded over the weekend - there are only 363 shopping days left until Christmas 2012.