Imagine being able to (legally) zoom to work at 85mph. People who pass through part of Central Texas can now put the pedal to the metal on the fastest highway in the US.

Back in the Spring, I asked you to fess up and tell us if you speed. To your credit, almost 62% of you were honest and said that you go with the flow of traffic, even if it's a little fast occasionally. 

While I almost never see people going the posted speed limit of 55 on the Northern Ocean County stretch of the GSP, I don't often see people zooming off at 85 (although I've definitely seen the occasional car going very, very fast...usually someone with NY plates, of course). 

So what do you think, is an 85mph speed limit overkill? Is 55 too low for a heavily traveled and wide highway like the Garden State Parkway? Let us know what you think in the comments section!