As Labor Day is right around the corner and summer wanes, the winter predictions are starting to come out. And The Farmers' Almanac is telling us that it's going to be...

Not pretty.

Of course Hurricane Sandy was the big weather story of 2012, but after that snow storm a few days after Sandy, we came out of winter 2012 without too much snowy drama.

But for 2013, the 197 year old tome is using phrases like "piercing cold" to describe the closing season of the year.

They're also saying that the first outdoor Super Bowl in many years, in our own backyard of course, is going to be more like "The Snow Bowl".

Of course these are only predictions, and experts say that we should take the Farmers' Almanac's long term outlooks with a grain of salt. But still, it might not be a bad idea to pick up a snow blower now, before there's a run on them during the first storm of the season!

What do you think, are we due for a bad winter?