Earlier this week I told you about how my family and I, after about two years of trying to get everyone together and on the same page, finally gathered for a family portrait. We used the very classy backdrop of Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club and the services of photographer Gary Gellman. Enough of the setup, here it is, the finished product:

From left to right, that's my father, myself, my step-sister, my brother, and my stepmother. All coming from different parts of the state and getting our schedules together was a bit of a trick, but I think it worked out great. And again, I have to thank Eagle Oaks and Gary Gellman.

As a little bonus, as Gary was setting up, we played around a little bit and got what I like to call my "Masterpiece Theater" shot:


Have you ever gotten the family together for a family portrait? Tell us about your experience in the comments section!