The so-called "final" segement of the Dark Knight Trilogy ! Love or hate ? Read my review

First I must say I am a big "Batman" fan, so maybe alil biased .... but even for average movie goers , the first two Dark Knight movies were very good action adventures, with great story lines.

So here is part three and I must admit I LOVED IT ! It had everything you need for a "superheroe" film. Good Vs. Evil, Lotta Action, Villians, and the "comeback" ! This third movie finds "Bane" as the main villian. Bane , played well by Tom Hardy....Is a former prison inmate/extreme fighter...who's as big as a refrigerator! He plans to take down Gotham and Batman.

So many of the original cast is back, which is vital in any trilogy. Christian Bale ( Batman ) , Michael Caine ( Alfred ) , Gary Oldman ( Commissioner Gordon ) , Morgan Freeman ( Lucius Fox ) . I think without the key members returning, the film would not hold up over time. We know these actors as key characters and just would'nt be the same without.

One of the "new" characters in "Rises" is Catwoman...played by Anne Hathaway. I must admit when I first heard of this move I had a quick flashback of Michael Keaton chasing Michelle Pfieffer around Gotham and her drinking extreme amounts of milk! I didnt like the idea of Batman falling in love, thats what made the Dark Knight so good! It was more dark and Batman wasnt full of silly puns and one-liners. Anne Hathaway does a good job playing "Cat-Burglar" Salina Kyle and I have to admit, without giving too much works in this Batman and you don't feel cheated by her appearance . Joseph Gordon-Levitt also is a new face and you'll have to see the movie to see his connection, but I had it figured out about 30 minutes in ! However the plot has some twists and turns I did not see coming, but I totally enjoyed this movie and the entire "Dark Knight" Trilogy ... Director Chrisptoher Nolan definately gets it right !

So now we are left wondering .... Is this really the final installment ?

Could not help but think of the victims and their families of the Aurora, Colorado "shooting" and our hearts and prayers go out to them....