Fantastic Charity Holiday Event

This Christmas Light Show is a unique and incredible computerized Christmas Light show that has become a family tradition at the Jersey Shore. Now in it's 8th year, the show has an amazing record of being one of the best in the world each year.

In addition to the incredible displays of lighting and sound The Christmas Light Show supports a local charity through the generous donations of its viewers. Each year the audience of the The Christmas Light Show is donates thousands of dollars to Challenged Youth Sports, a local charity that builds facilities and runs sporting leagues for physically challenged children.

Each year The Christmas Light Show is designed and engineered by a crew of spirited companies and friends. Atlanticus Innovations and dj Dan Productions along with Dan Brateris, Brian Brateris, Mike Roberti, Trevor Ferguson, Matt Pinnella, David Lippman and the Epp Family work from October through December to build one of the greatest displays of Christmas lighting in the world.

Listen Here For All The Details