This happens to me all the time at the Toms River toll booth, going North on the Parkway.

My question is why?  I put the money in, exact change, and it stays, PLEASE PAY TOLL, I just did...then I honk.  Here's a question, what does honking really do?  Then that letter comes and says I owe money.  The first letter just says you owe money with a picture of my car at the toll booth.  I wait..I don't pay it right away, and I get another letter where I can dispute it.

How can they make this easier for us?  Do they need an exact change basket?  What's the purpose if I'm always going to be getting something in the mail, even if I put in the exact change.  And why the heck don't I have E-ZPass??? 

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media






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