"Black Friday". It's a day that strikes fear into the hearts of some and exhilarates others.

Some get up at the crack of dawn, or for the real hardcore shoppers before dawn or even the night before, to line up at their favorite stores. They've done their homework, know the layout of the store and what to make a bee-line for.

There's also the other kind of Black Friday shopper - the type who just rushes in with wreckless abandon and snags the first good deal they see, regardless of if it's even something that they need (or even want).

I happened to be out on Friday and decided to swing by the local Best Buy to see if they still had a 39" HDTV in stock for only $179 (compared to the usual $300+ that comparable TVs go for). It was around 6pm. I showed an associate the ad and asked if the glowing rectangle of glory was still in stock...he looked at me like I was nuts and informed me that they sold out less than an hour after opening in the wee hours of the morning.

Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying!

So did you score any big Black Friday deals this year? Tell us about your shopping triumphs in the comments section below!