It’s somewhat ironic that “60 Minutes” aired a lengthy and detailed interview with Major League Baseball’s key witness in its case against Alex Rodriguez just minutes before “The Golden Globes” broadcast began on another network

Anthony Bosch (L) on 60 Minutes (CBS)

I say that because I am sure Rodriguez’s team of lawyers and supporters probably believe Anthony Bosch’s performance was nothing more than acting and worthy of consideration for one of those statues.  Bosch detailed his involvement with providing the Yankee slugger with banned drugs, including testosterone and human growth hormone and advice on ways to avoid detection.

According to the interview the two used an elaborate text message system, including instructions on what drugs should be taken when.  In the “60 Minutes” piece MLB Chief Operating Office Rob Manfred said that Bosch chose to cooperate in the investigation partly because he feared for his own safety from Rodriguez associates.   The segment aired a day after an arbitrator reduced “ARod’s” suspension from 211 to 162 games which is not much of a victory for the third baseman who will miss all of the 2014 season including any playoff games.

His lawyers plan to file a suit in federal court today to overturn that ruling but there seems to be little hope that will happen.  Meanwhile the players association is not happy over baseball’s involvement in the televised interview and is considering legal options.  Stay tuned!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler speak onstage during the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards (Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Back to the Golden Globes for a moment which I did watch.  First of all it’s a much better show than the Academy Awards because everyone is a bit looser plus co-hosts Tina Fay and Amy Poehler were very good, especially in their opening monologue. The acceptance speeches for the most part were lousy with just about everyone saying they were nervous and did not expect to win.  Plus can they set up the room so it’s easier for those in the back to get to the stage within a couple of minutes.  The guys who won for best foreign film were so far in the back they needed a GPS to get to the stage.

Finally did get to the movies this weekend and saw “Lone Survivor” which tells the true story of four Navy SEALS whose mission in Afghanistan goes badly.  It is a very engrossing movie that is based on a bestselling book which I went out and purchased the next day.  It’s not for everyone but will probably make an impact with all who see it.

A very special birthday wish to my wife Jane today.  Try and enjoy your day, even if it’s not one you’re excited about!