Fear, frustration and uncertainty are just some of the words that can describe how we've all felt over the past week. Many of us have been dealing with dark, cold nights, spoiled food, and no idea when things would get back to normal. Of course there are also those of us who have lost everything.

One of the biggest frustrations for me personally has been the fact that I can't help you, our Ocean County family more. Over the past week I've gotten countless phone calls from people asking when their power would be restored. Unfortunately, the only thing we can respond with is "they're working on it", because, frankly, that's all we know. We understand that it's frustrating not only because we see and hear what you're all going through, but we're also going through the same thing. Most of us here at WOBM are also residents of Ocean County.

In light of this frustration, I saw a JCP&L crew working this past weekend and I thought, what kind of things are these people going through? Many of them have been working long, exhausting hours, some even far away from their families out of state, just to restore our daily comforts. As I slowly passed by, I rolled down my window and said "thank you!".

When you get a chance, if you see volunteers, crews, or other workers out, stop and say "thank you". While we may not get a sense of "normal" here in Ocean County for quite a while, we can at least try to make it easier for each other during this trying time.