People don't like to wait. Waiting rooms are usually boring and sterile. If you're going to have to sit in a waiting room for any amount of time, it might as well have a nice view, right?

The photo above was taken from one of the main waiting rooms at The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

As waiting rooms go, it's pretty standard - quiet, not much to look at on the walls, people awkwardly avoiding eye contact with each other, and a vending machine that might as well be guaranteed to have everything except the one thing that you want.

But hey, it's got a heck of a view.

The waiting room is long and narrow, with a whole wall of windows that overlook the East River and Roosevelt Island.

And I have to say, looking out the windows was actually pretty interesting. Waterway traffic and birds jockeying for the best perches is just enough to keep your attention for a little while.

So I have to give credit to The Hospital for Special Surgery - they make one of the more unpleasant things in life, waiting, into something at least somewhat interesting and tolerable for short periods of time.