Do You Give People Secret Nicknames?
We all have people in our lives who have certain attributes that they may not realize stand out. Especially if we have more than one friend of that particular name, we might give that person with the habit that stands out a nickname.
If You Could Do Your Passion, Would You?
If you're lucky enough to be doing your passion every day...that's awesome.  If you're like so many who are not, I'm not sure if you heard of this, but on USA Television Network, there's a new show beginning April 11th, 2013, and it's doing just that with "…
How Do You Get Going on Cold Rainy Days?
It's amazing what a difference the Sun can make. Just three days ago, the temperature was about the same as it is now, but it was a beautiful, sunny day. I even left my jacket in the car. But today it's cloudy, rainy, and chilly.

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