Do You Like Having Things Done For You?
I realize that the title of this article is a little general. Of course we all like having things done for us, but here's what I mean - do you prefer to be independent and make your own way, or do you like to be taken care of?
Things You Should Never Say to a Radio DJ
We all have challenges in our jobs. Doctors, Teachers, Food Service Workers, and yes, even Radio DJs. In fact, a lot of us can be a little touchy when it comes to our jobs. Here are a few real world examples of why:
Does Time Go By Faster As You Get Older?
I remember when summer felt like it lasted forever. The months off from school that I usually spent at summer camp seemed to go on and on. These days though, it's almost like blink and you'll miss it.
What are Your Hobbies?
For most of us, our lives are work, family, and sleep. The obligations of daily life don't give most of us time to really relax and enjoy our hobbies. But every now and then you have to make the time to do things that you don't have to do, but you want to do.

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