Help a Terminally Ill Five Year Old Girl in Ocean County
She is only five years old and she's battling for her life! Meet Leila Merrill, she is this beautiful young girl from Bayville, who has been diagnosed with "Sanfilippo Syndrome" a rare genetic disorder which is a progressive disease that is terminal, with no cure or treatment.
Do YOU Support FREE Education for All in New Jersey? [POLL]
As you have probably heard by now, Governor Murphy wants FREE education. Not only for College, but also for Pre-Kindergarten. Now YOU can have two different views on this. One could be that this is great and will help families and is an investment in our future, while on the other hand YOU may ask .…
It’s National Pet Day! Tell Us About Your Furry Family Members
Today (4/11) is National Pet Day! According to National Today ...... Here's the breakdown on Pets (Based on a survey of 1,000 Pet Owners)
America's 5 most-owned pets are:
#1: Dog (45%)
#2: Cat (30%)
#3: Fish (9%)
#4: Bird (5%)
#5: Hamster (2%)
11% hang ou…
OCVTS Techfest 8 Concert This Saturday in Brick
This Saturday in Brick it's Techfest 8 with OCVTS. Techfest is an annual concert staged and presented by the students at Ocean County Vocational Technical School. Nearly 9 hours of music and 20 acts performing.
Saturday, April 14th at Brick Presbyterian Church ... 1...
Have YOU Ever Had a Problem with Raccoons? What to do! [OPINION]
They're back! the raccoons are back and trying to get into our house! I woke up this morning (Friday) at around 12:30 am to the sound of claws! Mrs Raccoon was up on our roof trying to find a way inside! Luckily for us she didn't get in, but we caught her red-handed and after hitting the roof with …

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