Winter 2017

Spring Ahead This Weekend!
Spring is still almost two weeks away (yes, I'm counting!), but one of the first signs that winter will soon be in our rear view mirror is only days away - Daylight Saving Time is this weekend!
The Flu Has Overtaken New Jersey
It's one of the worst feelings in the world - that feeling that slowly overtakes your body until you break out in cold sweats and a wave of nausea rises. No, I'm not talking about watching the new presidency (I kid!), I'm talking about the flu.
Toms River Set A Record Last Night
Usually, setting a record is a good thing. Something to be proud of. Something to brag about and shout from the rooftops. But early this morning, Toms River stood above (or below, as the case may be) the rest of the country for a rather startling reason.
Here’s Where NJ Ranks For Worst Winters In The US
As we anticipate our first snowfall of 2017, some may be looking forward to the dusting that's about to befall Ocean County. But others (myself included) will be grumbling about it. But when we look at the country as a whole, at least we can take solace in the fact that it could be worse.