This Eyesight Test Will Blow Your Mind [Video]
This may very well become the next version of the famous "dress", sparking debates between friends. When I first read about what to expect, I didn't think that it would turn out to be much, but sure enough, it blew my mind a little bit. Take a look at the video and let us know…
When An April Fools Prank Backfires
April Fools Day pranks can be fun and funny. And then there are the times that they blow up in the faces of the would-be pranksters. That's exactly what happened to one online marketing company earlier this week.
This Is The Strangest Thing You Can Buy On Amazon
The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can get almost anything you could ever need or think of. Not to mention a lot of things that you'd never think of. But I think I've come across the truly strangest thing that you can get on mega-retailer
Watch – Do You Think This Paranormal Video Is Real?
So this video allegedly shows a husband goofing around with his wife - good-naturedly teasing her while she's taking a shower. She gets out of the shower and tells him to stop filming while he laughs. On the surface, it's just a cute couple goofing around with each other. But what happens …
A Crazy End To A Middle School Basketball Game [Video]
There are few things more exciting than a great basketball game. Especially one that comes down to the final seconds. The crowd counts down along with the clock, and one player goes for broke with a shot that could bring the victory home. And then something ridiculous happens - check out how this mi…

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