Watch – This Ends Exactly Like You’d Think [Video]
What's the first thing that strikes you about this picture? For me, it was the fact that there are almost two dozen people in this wedding party. That many people on a rickety looking wooden dock can't end well, right? Chances are, it's going to end exactly like you'd think it wo…
How About a Free Honeymoon?
If you know someone who's getting married soon, or just engaged, maybe your daughter..a neighbor or a family member, this Sunday head over to the "LARGEST" wedding expo in New Jersey from Wedding Set Go!
Should The Man Always Propose? [Poll]
One of the most special and memorable moments in a couple's life is the proposal. These days, there are of course different kinds of relationships - opposite sex and same sex. So we'll focus on opposite gender relationships for these purposes. Do you think, even today, that the man should …
Watch One Of The Best Wedding Proposals Ever [Video]
What would you do if a disheveled stranger came up to you and proposed? You'd probably be confused, right? That's exactly what happened to an Indiana woman. The only catch - the man was actually her boyfriend in disguise. Watch the video to see what happened:
Wedding Anti Invitations – A New Trend?
We've talked about weddings before - they can be a joyous occasion and they can be a complete hassle. But either way, it's always nice to be thought of and included in a couple's special day. But how would you feel about getting an "anti-invitation" for a wedding, te…

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