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Watch This Amazing Behind The Scenes Grease Live Video
This past Sunday, generations of fans watched as Fox rolled out a rollicking production of "Grease". In addition to pulling in pretty impressive Sunday night numbers, with over 12 million viewers, it also pulled off some pretty impressive live TV feats.
Watch A Citizen Pull Over A Cop For Speeding [Videos]
Let's be honest here - it isn't an unusual sight to see police cars going well above the speed limit on major highways like The Garden State Parkway, without their emergency lights on. For most of us, we may have a few choice words that we mutter under our breath, but there's really not a whole lot …
This Lifehack Will Revolutionize How You Pack [Video]
One of the tips that we keep hearing this time of year is that it's always a good idea to keep a clean change of clothes in your car, just in case. But who wants to keep an overnight bag packed in your car for a "just in case" scenario? Well, this outstanding lifehack is not only a great t…
Central Regional Students Inspire With A Simple Question [Video]
Sometimes, all we need to find true inspiration is to look to the younger generation. With all of the negativity online these days, a group of students at Central Regional High School recently had an assignment to come up with a positive social media campaign. They asked the simple question, &qu…
In Case You Didn’t Know – Adele Is Hilarious [Video]
We've talked many times in these pages about the record smashing success that Adele has been enjoying since the release of her latest album, "25". But in addition to being an almost supernaturally talented singer, did you also know that she's pretty darn funny, too?
Hear Two Of The Greatest Musicians Ever A Cappella [Video]
As the world mourns the loss of David Bowie today, one of the most influential and iconic musicians of our time, tributes are pouring in from across the world.
Any time we lose a talented musician though, it's interesting to think about the old "rock band in Heaven", and how Bo…

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