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Watch This Inspiring Message Of Love [Video]
What do dancing skeletons have to do with love? When you take away skin color, gender, age, and other attributes, it shows that love is just love. Watch this inspiring video that presents an important message - "Love Has No Labels":
Check Out The New Avengers Trailer [Video]
It's still two months away, but I think it's safe to say that the next installment of the Avengers franchise is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2015. With comic book movies and TV shows enjoying unprecedented popularity and success, bigger than ever budgets, and some serious star powe…
Watch A Family Make The Best Of All The Snow [Video]
Remember the "snow coaster" from back in December? Well I think that these families need to get together and set up the most epic backyard snow theme park ever! This snowbound family made the best of their situation with an awesome DIY luge course. Check it out for yourself:
Check Out This Dog’s Unusual Friend [Video]
This is too cute. You have to love it when you get two completely different animals who are obviously having fun with each other. This pit bull and tortoise are obviously an unusual pair, but you can tell that they're having a blast. While the tortoise obviously can't keep up with the high…
Animal Lovers – Watch A Touching Dog Rescue [Video]
There are few things I love more than a great pet rescue story with a happy ending. Which is exactly what happened here. A rescue organization was alerted to a senior dog living in a dangerous situation at a water treatment plant. They were faced with a scared and timid dog at the beginning, but by …
This Video Proves That Winter Could Always Be Worse
We may be whining and moaning about the cold, snow, and ice that we've had to deal with this winter, but let's take a moment for a little perspective - at least we're not in Canada. While we're dealing with inches of snow, they're dealing with feet. In fact, so much that this guy figured that it wou…
Watch – Do You Think This Paranormal Video Is Real?
So this video allegedly shows a husband goofing around with his wife - good-naturedly teasing her while she's taking a shower. She gets out of the shower and tells him to stop filming while he laughs. On the surface, it's just a cute couple goofing around with each other. But what happens …
Watch – How Many Dogs Are In There? [Video]
Take a look at the picture above - how many dogs do you think are in that doghouse? It looks like there are just two in there cuddling with each other, right? Well, think again, you may be surprised at how many pooches emerge, it's like a clown car! Take a look:
A Crazy End To A Middle School Basketball Game [Video]
There are few things more exciting than a great basketball game. Especially one that comes down to the final seconds. The crowd counts down along with the clock, and one player goes for broke with a shot that could bring the victory home. And then something ridiculous happens - check out how this mi…

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