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Watch Matt Lauer Prank Ellen [Video]
The Today Show's Matt Lauer has been the target of pranks by daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres a number of times. Matt sat back, took the ribbings, and waited for the perfect moment to strike back. Well, that time has come, and he made his revenge a good one. Watch for yourself:
Watch This Stunning Drone Video Footage
When you think about it, it's truly amazing what technology allows us to capture these days. Scenes that, previously, you'd have to experience yourself, in person. Vietnam's Hang Son Doong cave is a perfect example - you obviously can't get a helicopter inside of a cave. And, even if you could, it w…
Watch An Amazing Birds Eye View Flight [Video]
It's amazing what can be done with technology these days. High quality cameras have gotten so small and light that it's possible to literally attach one to an eagle and see what the bird sees. The group Freedom Conservation did exactly that, and set the bird to flight from the very top of the world'…
Finish The Week With A Funny Dog Video
You have to wonder where people come up with these ideas. Someone decided that it would be funny to tie a bunch of carrots to a ceiling fan and see what the dog does. And, to their credit, they were right, it is funny. And a little weird. But mostly funny. Watch for yourself:
Here’s The Answer To How Dumb People Can Be [Video]
Every day we see people doing dumb things - trying to cross busy highways, teasing mean dogs, trying to stick their arms into vending machines, the list can go on and on. But, I'm willing to bet that at no point did you include "sticking your tongue into a venus fly trap". Thi…
This Is The Cutest Video You’ll See Today
There are few things that can make the end of a long, busy day better than an adorable toddler and the cute dog that calmly lets her do her thing. This budding medical marvel decides that the family dog needs a checkup, and proceeds to check everything out - from peering in the pup's ears to checkin…
You Won’t Believe This Snowy Highway Video
For all the storms that we've had this winter, all of the scary accidents and bad road conditions, this video didn't make me look twice at first. But then something seemed not quite right. Check it out for yourself:
Watch This Inspiring Message Of Love [Video]
What do dancing skeletons have to do with love? When you take away skin color, gender, age, and other attributes, it shows that love is just love. Watch this inspiring video that presents an important message - "Love Has No Labels":

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