Watch Justin on My Ghost Story Right Here [Video]
This past weekend, my friend from the Garden State Ghost Hunters and my Ocean County Paranormal co-host, Boni and I were featured on The Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story". If you didn't get a chance to watch, the episode is now online. We're the final segment of t…
TV Review – House of Cards
Politics is ugly. Now let me tell you something that you don't know - Netflix has entered uncharted territory by producing a new series with big stars (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright lead the cast) that you can only find on the streaming service.
These Reporters Didn’t Check Their Sources First [Video]
These days, with blink of an eye social media, everyone wants to be the first to break a story. If they don't check their sources first though, they could end up embarrassed. That's exactly what happened to this news team that thought they were reporting on a local plane cra…

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