Here’s Another Window Defogging Lifehack [Video]
We've been really lucky so far this winter. While we did have a few frigid days earlier this week, we've generally gotten away with mild weather. Which, thankfully, has made the hassle of fogged up windows not much of an issue. But, we're sure to have to deal with it at some point, so…
Testing The Kitty Litter Sock Experiment
A couple of weeks ago I told you about this great tip that I came across online - filling a sock with cat litter and placing it in your car will put an end to annoying foggy windows. As promised, I gave it a try.
Why You Should Keep Socks & Cat Litter In Your Car [Video]
This is a trick I have to try!
Over the weekend, I spent a good 10 minutes with my defroster going full blast in the car before I could safely go anywhere. And, since I drive a stick shift, I don't have the luxury of an autostarter to defrost the car before I get into it. According to this Internet t…