New Parkway Exit Open For Business In Ocean County
It's an annoyance to be driving through constant Parkway construction in Ocean County, but it's definitely nice when we get to see and use the results of all of those delays and lane closures.
This week, Exit 89 in Brick/Lakewood is open for business.
Surge in U.S. dollar sending more travelers to Europe
The U.S. dollar is on a roll, up 28 percent against the euro, 18 percent against the Japanese yen and 40 percent against the Brazilian real. In fact, it has not been this strong since 1981. While it is pinching corporate profits here in the United States, it is delivering big bargains for American t…
Watch This Train Blast Through The Snow [Video]
Ok, this is cool! Let's continue today's theme of unusual ways to get through the snow. First, we had the cat who claws his way through a 4 foot high blockade, and now we have this - a Canadian train that couldn't care less about snow that's built up on the tracks. The locomotive literally plows thr…

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