Selfie Sticks: Love or Loathe?
It's been interesting watching people's reactions when I tell them my favorite Christmas gift this year was the Selfie Stick.  Some people hate them!  In fact, my friend who I'm planning to vacation with said I'm not allowed to bring it on our trip!  B...
Donald Trump – Racist or Realist ? [POLL]
You cannot watch or listen to any news program without hearing the name of the Republican Front-runner Donald Trump! He leads in every poll among G-O-P voters and continues to make headlines with his idea of banning Muslims from entering the United States .... ...
Your Ocean County Thanksgiving Travel Tips
When I think about Thanksgiving, it feels like we still have plenty of time. But, when you look at a calendar, it's less than two weeks away. Here are some tips that we've compiled to make your holiday travel a little easier:
An Ocean County Town Named One Of The Worst
We've suffered indignities at the hands of bloggers before, remember when a website named Toms River one of the most boring places in New Jersey? Well now, one of our local communities is being singled out as one of the worst in New Jersey.
Travel and Coffee [AUDIO]
Todd Carmichael’s desire to push his own personal and professional limits takes him places known for taste and innovation. Driven by his never-ending quest to find the next big thing, Todd looks for new products he can release to his customers...

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