How Are The Roads Where You Are?
To give the State credit, when I headed to work this morning, the Parkway was dry and all lanes were fully cleared. However, not the same can be said for local roads.
My Favorite Foreign Food
After my vacation to the Midwest last summer, I talked about some of the foods that I enjoy that we can't get here in New Jersey. But there are some foods that you have to cross international borders to enjoy.
The Positives & Negatives Of Modern Air Travel
These days, air travel doesn't get a great rap. With most airlines looking at ferrying passengers more as cattle than the classy undertaking that it used to be. But, from my travels over the New Year, I've noticed a few bright spots.
My Suitcase’s Bizarre Journey
As I told you about yesterday, on my return from vacation I made it home safely and promptly - my luggage didn't. Thankfully, it arrived late last night, but it seems to have taken a strange journey in the meantime.
Selfie Sticks: Love or Loathe?
It's been interesting watching people's reactions when I tell them my favorite Christmas gift this year was the Selfie Stick.  Some people hate them!  In fact, my friend who I'm planning to vacation with said I'm not allowed to bring it on our trip!  B...
Donald Trump – Racist or Realist ? [POLL]
You cannot watch or listen to any news program without hearing the name of the Republican Front-runner Donald Trump! He leads in every poll among G-O-P voters and continues to make headlines with his idea of banning Muslims from entering the United States .... ...
Which Highways Are The Worst During The Holidays?
A whole lot of people will be traveling in and out of Ocean County, not only in the next few days leading up to and after Thanksgiving, but for the holiday season in general. When the holiday traffic builds, which roads do you avoid?

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