Summer Driving Tips for Tourists?
Let's be honest - driving in Ocean County can be a bit of a challenge. But if you're well prepared, it should go pretty smoothly. So what advice would you give to our fine summer guests?
Crash Closes Hooper Avenue
Hooper Avenue Northbound in Toms River is closed as of 9:30am Sunday after a crash police say was caused by an allegedly drunk driver.
Investigators say 24-year-old Isiah Blackshear of South Toms River crashed into a utility pole at 4:19am, causing the pole to fall and sending live wires into the roa…
4th of July Traffic is in Full Force in Ocean County
It looks like the weather yesterday may have made 4th of July weekend visitors adjust their plans a little bit. The traffic that we'd usually expect the night before, this time around on Thursday, was rolling down the Parkway in full force this afternoon.
PATCO Construction Could Cause Delays [AUDIO]
Commuters on the Port Authority Transit Corporation train could be in for a headache this summer as an ongoing construction project is expected to shut down the south rail and cause 30-minute service interruptions.
What’s The Worst Intersection in Ocean County?
We all have those intersections - those that we dread coming to because it's almost always a hassle. Whether it's the traffic pattern, the timing of the light, or the condition of the road, there are plenty of candidates for Worst Intersection in Ocean County.

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