The Sopranos

Look – This Parkway Sign Will Make You Do A Double Take
Sometimes we can't get out of our own way in New Jersey. The stereotypes of pollution, corruption, and organized crime persist - sometimes unfairly and sometimes because, well, stereotypes had to come from at least a little truth, right? But we try. We try to make people realize that there's a lot t…
Sopranos Creator David Chase Reveals Tony’s Fate
On June 10, 2007, one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of all time came to an abrupt end. To the background of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin", the screen went dark, and "The Sopranos" went into TV history. Since then, there has been plenty of …
Does Hype Ruin TV Finales?
The past two Sundays have seen the series finales of two hugely popular shows - "Dexter" on Showtime and "Breaking Bad" on AMC. I'm a fan of both. However, I wasn't a fan of both final episodes.
James Gandolfini, ‘The Sopranos’ Made NJ Hip [AUDIO]
New Jersey's most popular mob boss, although fictional, is being remembered with tributes across North Jersey where hit series 'The Sopranos' was filmed. The series did wonders for the Garden State and may be responsible for the success New Jersey is having with movies and television …

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